A Giant Hello

A Giant Welcome from Grace Keeling and James Beveridge

Hello. Welcome to the Made By Giants blog called Giant Thinking! It’s filled with our musings on agency life, amazing client projects, societal observations and most importantly, why we want to exist.

This week we are bouncing off the walls as we launch this new consultancy together.

We are an aspirational company. We are not “Made By Giants” for nothing. But crucially, our clients have definitions of “gianthood” that we want to make a reality.

How can you be “Made By Giants”?

Before any company can be “Made By Giants” you need to be ambitious for growth, and ambitious for your future. You need to want to reboot the way you do things. The way you see yourself, and more importantly, the way others see you.

Tech-powered brands have to adapt to survive. But discovering different growth directions can be frenzied by “what next?”, or the speed to adjust to change around you. It is a truth universally acknowledged that you need to be as “lean” as possible.

As brands go through these adjustments, they need a new story, and they need one quickly. They need a new way of connecting to new customers, and a new way of discovering new communities. And they need to keep it a lean process.

So where does Made By Giants come in?

We can be the lean storytellers around your growth ambitions.


We re-engineer brands and communications strategies for the next growth phase. More importantly, we make sure brand and communications come together to support a diverging range of new growth marketing opportunities.

You’ll find the brand and communications disciplines are often in silos (and even at odds with each other in some agencies), because they’re arguably serving different purposes. We stand above all this: we see further, we know the potential they have together and so we operate differently.

We have a set of joined-up services, powered by our award-winning partner network in the Europe and the US.

When brand and communications work together, it results in re-vitalised creative expression that keeps brands relevant. It keeps them growing. That’s why we love telling brand stories, we love creative campaigns, and we love landing amazing PR coverage (to name a few). And we do it in a GIANT way, obviously.

More giant musings on the way…

Grace & James