We see lots of B2B tech companies being extremely creative in creating their own products and services.

But why oh why do so many of them seem so afraid to use any “creativity” when it comes to their own brand, or in their own marketing campaigns? Just take a look at mid-sized tech companies and you’ll see many employ a sea of either banking blue or soft colours, combined with off-the-shelf stock illustrations.

It’s like “creativity” has become a taboo word in B2B tech marketing.

B2B tech marketers need to be open to what creativity can achieve for their brand, their products and their services. Even if it might mean they have to do what Steve Jobs did back in the day: to Think Different (even if it’s not grammatically correct) about the role and potential of creativity, and its proven ability to boost market visibility and to attract new customers.

So for all those B2B tech brands that think “creativity” is a taboo word – at least when they are thinking about their own brand and their own marketing, here are some examples where having a creative-led approach has had a tangible impact.

Before we demonstrate how creative-led thinking helps companies build brand awareness, competitor differentiation and pipelines, let’s look at what I mean by creativity, and how you can be creative.

To be creative, know your “why”

Ask yourself: Why do we exist? Why are we different / better / more useful? Why does our tech solve this problem? Why should our buyers care? This is the way to get creative because it makes you think in a creative way. My go-to for further reading on this is Simon Sinek’s book: Start With Why. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to be creative.

Starting with “why” opens up original thinking and ideas – and original ideas are the very essence of creativity.

Original ideas power the execution of your offer – how ideas are realised and presented. The execution is just as important as the ideas, and it has to be impactful to stand out and get the attention of your target audience.

Avoid just focusing on the “what”

The majority of tech companies are product focused in the early years, but that behaviour tends to become the norm over time. They focus on the “what” they do, instead of the “why” they do it. Concentrating on the “what” is never going to make you creative – you run the risk of missing opportunities to be different and you won’t stand out in a sea of sameness.

What does good creativity look like?

I always say you’ll know what good creativity looks like, because when you see it, you say to yourself ”I wish we had thought of that”. My choice of “I wish I had thought of that” includes the rebrand of the Carne Group, and Project Jacquard by Google ATAP.

But I want to show you how creative we are at Made By Giants. So here are three examples by us, where our creative-led approaches have achieved some amazing results for our client partners in technology.

1. Can creativity drive new sales from new personas?

We know B2B success comes from knowing your audiences inside out. You don’t want to alienate these existing audiences. But what if those existing audiences are not fueling growth, and you need to pivot to a new audience to drive growth?

Our work with ActiveViam targeted an entirely new customer persona, with a new product offer. Our creative approach started with the “why”. We redefined ActiveViam as “data explorers who find a new way or make one”. This inspired a visually active brand, with movement and energy to show how data exploration leads to new solutions. Being visually striking, the rebrand stood out from competitors, and best of all, galvanised a new sales cycle with new product offers.

👉 Results: Our creative-led rebrand triggered quantifiable year-on-year growth.

“Made By Giants creativity triggered 25% year-on-year growth.” – Georges Bory, co-founder, ActiveViam

2. Can creativity differentiate my product from competitors?

With so many like-for-like product offers in crowded sectors, brand differentiation is essential – if you want to capture the attention of your target audiences.

So why do so many B2B tech product offers look so similar? And why do so many all say the same things? How on earth are their audiences supposed to work out the differences, let alone the benefits?

Our work with Graylog had to creatively differentiate their SIEM offer from competitors in Europe, and our approach was to pinpoint “why” their SIEM offer was superior.

Once we identified this, we created a series of impactful animations to creatively capture a number of core product benefits, and to visually reference Graylog’s brand. Each animation was designed with two brand colours – red and black, enabling them to stand out and differentiate Graylog’s offer with simple, direct messaging and impactful visuals.

Our integrated go-to-market campaign – involving messaging, creative assets and digital activations – supported an ambitious SIEM sales program throughout Europe. The results showed all our predetermined KPIs were achieved within a four-week window.

👉 Results: Our campaign resulted in over 4,700,00 digital impressions, 22,208 clicks, and 288 conversions in a short space of time.

“We brought Made By Giants a time-sensitive challenge, and they excelled beyond our expectations with some of the best brand work our company has ever done. With Made By Giants’ integrated approach, they delivered an insights-driven, go-to-market campaign across strategic messaging, creative and digital activations – all in record time.” – Kimber Spradlin, CMO at Graylog

3. Can creativity generate leads?

Focusing on product development and upgrades can bring quantum improvements to your existing users. But what if that has diverted focus away from building the pipeline?

Launching in the UK with a new product proposition, etika needed a creative approach to appeal to UK retailers and drive lead generation. They were unknown in the UK, so we needed their brand to stand out.

Our concept centred around etika’s core proposition “Fair Finance that Fits” and showcased the benefits of etika’s new finance solution to retailers. We achieved this with a series of commissioned animated illustrations – all in etika’s brand colours, and each showing customers in relatable situations. Our creative route also animated impactful messaging, highlighting the individual benefits to customers, and this was activated through paid and organic social, as well as on web and via email.

👉 Results: Our campaign achieved £7.46 million in loan origination pipeline and secured £2.6 million in loan origination pipeline within the first 6 days! Oh, and we won Best Use of Digital in the Financial Services Sector at the Digital Impact Awards.

If your brand could benefit from a fresh, creative-led approach, then let’s talk, or better still, let’s get creative!

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