Lead Digital Growth Consultant

What is Dani’s vibe?

A classic Capricorn, I love taking on projects and setting my mind to something. AND I have to do well otherwise the stars don’t align.

I try to not take myself too seriously, and I have a really dry sense of humour, which I apologise for in advance.

When she’s not being a social strategist, what is she up to?

I’m a beautician, fashion designer, nail artist and hairdresser. No, not really… but if you need any help with DIY anything I am your go to gal – apart from actual DIY. Although I did construct my own desk during lockdown which counts in my eyes.

Why did Dani become a Giant?

I became a Giant because of what they stand for.

They are a hard-working bunch that really care about each other. It’s a great work vibe to have and one that can be kinda hard to come by in London.

What’s the most important thing to Dani?

This is going to sound super-cliche after lockdown but I swear this would have been my pre-pandemic answer.

Family and friends.

I really value good people around me and I’m the most loyal person you’ll ever meet. So don’t get too close or you’ll be stuck to me like glue. I also have a really big family and lots of little ones, who I’d like to be an inspiration to (hello bring your big sister to school day).

What made a country girl move to the big smoke?

Whilst I loved the family farm, I knew very early on that brussel sprouts weren’t for me. I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to be in a city that didn’t sleep. I know that’s New York but I get super homesick and I’m also scared of flying. So London it was.

And you know what, I made it to New York and London has my heart.


  • She’s worked on a wide range of social campaigns; from whale welfare and wax figures to government lobbying and everything in between
  • She has 10 tattoos and counting
  • She used to be a competitive swimmer
  • Margaritas without agave, thank you
  • She completed a tough mudder, alone, and covered in mud
  • Needs to take suncream everywhere she goes


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