You’ve probably seen us chat a lot about “giant ideas”. So what is a giant idea according to Made By Giants?

Ideas can come in all shapes and sizes, but at Made By Giants we strive for giant creative ideas. We need our ideas to be giant because only giant ideas have the power to make a measurable business impact, stimulate growth, build communities and generate leads for our (client) partners.

Ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone on the team. At Made By Giants we work collaboratively in an integrated way, sparking ideas off each other, pushing ourselves to dig deeper. Our aim is to blow your socks off, and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Before we start any ideation process, we think hard about “what type of giant idea do we actually need?” This gives us a focus for the ideation process. For example, does the idea we are looking for need to be: A brand platform idea? A PR idea? A digital idea? An event idea? And so on.

But whatever type of idea we need, we double down to make sure it’s grounded on a core brand truth, a brand purpose or a brand insight. Doing this makes our giant ideas strategic, and able to power lasting brand connections with our target audiences across multiple platforms and channels.

Sometimes we draw a complete blank if our idea isn’t right or it doesn’t feel “giant” enough. When this happens we take time out, go for a walk and come at it again with fresh eyes. We often find by re-examining our brand strategy and how we got there, someone in the team will say something that triggers a germ of an idea that gets us back on the right track. From there we start to build and build, until we get to that eureka moment where we all say “Yessssss. That’s it!”

We know our partners love creative ideas, And the bigger those creative ideas are, the more they love them. This is why we decided early on, that for every meeting we have with one of our partners, we will bring an idea to them.

After all, who doesn’t love creative ideas Made By Giants, right?

James Beveridge, Co-Founder and Brand Growth Partner