When we launched our agency last week, we received some wonderful messages of encouragement. Inevitably, some told us we were brave given the circumstances.

The truth is: James and I were working on our proposition for some time (the last six months in fact). Before March, we’d already completed a decent proportion of our work, ahead of launch.

Then, along came the COVID-19 lockdown.

Like any other brand out there, COVID-19 made us reflect on our proposition to clients. How relevant was it now?

During that period of reflection, we realised it was more important than ever.

Made By Giants is all about being lean and adapting to what’s next. We centred our value proposition around the growth of tech-powered brands, and how to change a story for new customers and new growth opportunities. As we know, COVID-19 demands giant levels of change and agility from businesses across the world.

Companies everywhere are evaluating what’s important when it comes to tech adoption right now, asking questions like: which of our IT projects should go ahead? What software can we not live without? Do we need more apps in the cloud instead of on-premise? This is why the sales of some products and services have ebbed, and other products and services have seen demand like never before.

As tech companies double down on what matters during this crisis, this is where we can help. This is EXACTLY what we’re doing with one of our clients at the moment. We’re creating and re-configuring product brands to suit a new sales cycle, supported by a community marketing strategy.

It is a brave new world. But sticking to the premise on which we built this agency is paramount.

That premise will never be more important, than in 2020.

Grace Keeling, co-founder