Q: What is Made By Giants about?

A: Our consultancy looks at how tech-powered brands adapt to a new growth phase, through the use of branding and communications. We spend a lot of strategic time with our clients to figure out where they are going, and how to get them there.

All brands are evolving, and the ones that don’t stay still, stay relevant. Our aim is to keep you relevant as you grow.

Q: What benefits do you bring versus the plethora of other agencies out there?

A: We get your teams collaborating in horizontal growth teams. Our clients are not just marketing folks. They work in product development, sales, or at c-level. To truly connect marketing ambition to other stakeholders, collaboration is key. We can get you past stalemate, if you’re unsure how to move forward.

If you’re sceptical about anything we’re saying here, we can put you on the phone with our current clients, and they can talk to you about what we do.

Q: What types of work do you do?

A: Our services help your company tell the right growth story. Just like a story, we go from the beginning.

The beginning….

Research, Insights and Customer Development

Enabling your teams to understand new audiences: how they behave, what they think they need, what they ACTUALLY need, and how best to connect with them.

Next up….

Brand re-engineering

Growth means a new proposition and story. Depending on the circumstances, it may mean a new product brand, a re-think of the masterbrand identity, or a re-think of the current product brands to connect to this new proposition.

Next up: the new sales cycle….

Sales re-boot

You cannot grow without buy-in from your loyal salesforce. We engage and collaborate with your sales teams, helping them to pivot how they talk about your company with newly formed branding and sales frameworks – centred on new users, new buying personas, new services and the new brand strategy.

Next up….

Communications re-engineering

Re-connecting your brand and story to current and new communities through turbocharged brand awareness campaigns, including content generation and marketing, public relations and communications, events and digital marketing.

Q: Who is Grace Keeling?

A: Grace is a vibrant red head. When she sets new face-to-face meetings (before COVID-19), she’ll say: “look out for a smiling ginger person with a cup of tea”.

She cares about measuring results and your investment in Made By Giants. Your first discussions with her will be about ROI.

An award-winning consultant working in marketing and communications, Grace worked as the global head of communications and content for an NYSE-listed fintech company, taking it through to acquisition and beyond. She was the youngest person on its senior management team, based out of Europe in 2015 and 2016.

While in previous London-based agencies, she worked and specialised in B2B tech and fintech, with additional specialism in corporate finance, banking, private equity and M&A communications.

Q: Who is James Beveridge?

A: James loves biscuits and in meetings he’ll always say: “anyone for a biscuit?”. He’s a creative visionary and multi award-winning brand strategist, with 30 years’ experience in creative storytelling, branding and design. Through the course of his career so far, he’s been involved in hundreds of branding projects for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Q: Who is in the rest of your team?

A: We have a team of giants that know their marketing disciplines inside and out. They cover social media and digital marketing, videography and broadcast, animation, web design and build, media relations and communications, creative strategy and design – based across Europe and US.

Q: Who are your clients?

A: Our clients are pre-dominantly tech-powered brands working in B2B and B2C environments. We work with companies at every stage of growth, from start-ups to multinationals.

We have experience in HealthTech, FinTech, AI & data science, cybersecurity, cloud, telco and satellite communications.