Is social something that’s in the back of your mind? Everyone keeps mentioning it but it always seems to be on the back burner? Perhaps you’ve hired someone to post on Facebook but with no real guidance? I’m here to tell you that social media is much, much more than just posting a meme. You need a strategy that benefits your business and drives real impact. Here’s why.

1. It’s where the party is at

Social media can catapult your brand into the stratosphere. It’s the biggest community of people, all waiting to interact with you and your brand. One stickler though, you have to be there to reap the benefits. How are you going to make friends if you don’t go to the party?

2. Quality time builds relationships

True, right? It’s the same for your customers. You need to put the same amount of energy into building these relationships if you want them to grow. Social is your medium, but why?

Social media gives you unfiltered access to thousands, if not millions, of real people that have the potential to be interested in what you have to offer

People want more from a brand, they no longer engage with faceless corporations. Social gives you a space to show consumers why you’re worth their time

Access to people in real-time

Ultimately, strong relationships = brand loyalty

3. Get to know your consumers interests and habits

Whilst they’ll learn a lot about you, you’ll also learn a lot about them – giving you first-hand insight into your audience that you can apply to lots of areas of your business.

4. REAL results

Creating a presence on social keeps your brand front of mind. Whether they take an action upon seeing your content, or 30 days later – it can be attributed to social through tracking. This is called contributed clicks – and it shows us how social media is important in people’s consideration to take an action. There is a customer journey taken on social, which goes beyond awareness and reach – but drives lead generation and real results. This needs to be tailored to with a strong social strategy.

5. Social can make your brand

Why do you need a strategy, beyond curating meaningful content to bolster your brand, engaging consumers and driving action? The social sphere can be a tricky place to navigate and you can go wrong if you don’t understand the nuances that exist within such a landscape. Used in the right way, though, it can excel your brand into places you’d never even considered.

So, when shall we get started on that social strategy?

Dani Montgomery, Lead Digital Growth Consultant at Made by Giants.