Communications Growth Manager

What is Anita’s outlook on life?

I often think of the saying ‘it is what it is’. Life happens around us, and with inspired and reasonable action we can navigate its highs and lows. I am a firm believer there is always sun after a storm and everything works out in the end.

What is her favourite activity to do after a day of being a Communications Growth Manager?

At the end of the day I like to wind down by watching True Crime shows. Currently my Netflix recommendations are all serial killer documentaries.

What is Anita’s happy place?

Besides being with my cats, my happiest place is having a good meal with my family and enjoying their company.

Why did she apply to be a Giant?

I wanted to find an organisation which shared my enthusiasm for communications and technology, and I found that here! I felt that everyone at Made By Giants was truly passionate about what they were doing and this is a perfect environment to learn and expand as a professional. Beyond that, the determination and skill it takes to successfully launch an agency during a global pandemic is inspiring.

What does Anita look forward to at the Giants?

Besides working with a lively group of people, I look forward to working with Giants in the tech industry. I have always been fascinated by how technologies can alter day-to-day life (as we have seen through the pandemic) and I want to be at the forefront of digitalisation.


  • She has done a lot of research on all kinds of topics ranging from securing 5G networks to the politics of milk
  • Originally Romanian, Anita has lived in five different countries throughout her life
  • She spoke to the former president of Romania and only realised afterwards who it was
  • She loves her cat Ice Baby more than anything in the world
  • She enjoys milk with coffee rather than coffee with milk
  • She loves to volunteer and promote women’s rights


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